·First time ever in the history of classical dance performed “Temple Ritual Dance-Prekhini Natyam” solo recital (simhanandini, mayurakavthavm, mahalakshmi udbhavam-Dancer paints a picture though footwork) on dec 20th,2015 at kalabharati, vizag and is hounoured and felicitated by Minister for education Sri Ganta Srinivasa Rao and Minister for HR and Culture Sri Palle Raghunath Reddy.

"Simhanandini", "Mayura Kauthvam" and "Mahalaxmi Udbhavam" are temple ritual dances-PRENKHINI NATYAM. During ancient time, temple dancers used to dance in front of the Rath, before the start of Rath Yathra on festive occasions and used to form the pictures of Vaahana of the temple deity with footwork on the color powder, spread in front the Rath. They used to form the pictures of Lion, Vaahana of Godess Durgadevi in Simhanandini dance, likewise picture of Peacock, Vaahana of Lord Kumaraswamy in Mayura Kauthvam dance and picture of Lotus, Aasan of Godess Laxmidevi in Mahalaxmi Udbhavam dance.After late C. R. Acharya(He had conducted research in temple ritual dances and brought back to lime light once forgotten Prenkhini dance form.Simhanandini, Mayura Kauthvam and Mahalaxmi Udbhavam dances are Prenkhini Natyams. He is the only dance Guru in the world who is a sole authority for these unique dance items), his daughter Smt Voleti Rangamani is the only dance Guru who is teaching these dances and her disciples are performing these dance items very successfully all over India and abroad.

Im glad and blessed to learn and perform Prekhini Natyam -Temple Ritual dance solo recital (Simhanandhini,Mayurakavthvam,Mahalakshmi Udbhavam)under Guru Smt.Voleti Rangamani garu.

Thanx a ton for the rigorous training you have given and giving to me.Wishing and hoping to learn more and more from you.Thanx a trillion ton for all your blessings Madam.

Following are the memories of my performance-Temple Ritual Dance-"Prekhini Natyam"

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