was born into a philanthropic family, which has an immense love for indigenous Indian culture.At a very tender age of five, as a child she was with a perception that ‘Dance is music and music is dance’. Feeling both are one,she asked her mother to make her join. Her mother Smt.Rajya Lakshmi infused the interest towards arts and got her child admitted to a carnatic vocal school. While learning rudiments in vocal music at the age of six, one fine evening, when she was going to the institute she got fascinated with the rhythmic sounds of Muvvalu (Classical Dance Anklets) and explored what her soul was aspiring for. Having been enthralled by rhythmic footsteps of Kuchipudi (the native Classical Dance form of AndhraPradesh,INDIA) she pested her mother by crying to have an admission to Kuchipudi institute.Namely, there is a transition from her perception and later realized incourse of time that dance is one which has vocal music,instrumental music ,sculpture,painting,and theatre.”Sakala Kala Saaram Natyam”.Even at that tender age, Achutamanasa had a succinct idea of what her soul was aspiring for.Recognizing the ‘spark’ in her child and the agility of her body for Kuchipudi, her mother who herself is a connoisseur immediately accepted her proposal and admitted the child to the institute. Her father, Sri. Ravi Chandra, a senior police Officer encouraged and supported her.

Achutamanasa is acknowledged as leading young exponent of Kuchipudi - the classical dance form of India, that has its cultural roots in ancient history. A very talented danseuse, she brings alive the classical traditions of the dance, sensitively nuanced with a creativity that imbues relevance and meaning to this art form in its current age.Achutamanasa is known for enthralling audience with performances that embody perfection in form and joy in expression that comes from years of rigorous training, dedicated practice, devotion and passion. She is deeply grounded in the Kuchipudi tradition and her mission is to bring this art form to a wider audience without losing it's aesthetic and cultural integrity.

The dance journey of this illustrious artist commenced at the age of six under the guidance of Guru Smt Madhu Nirmala ,who had taught some basic steps and later Guru Sri Narasayya .Her debut live performance was at the age of six in Andhrapradesh, to an audience of over a thousand. She continued her artistic endeavor under the tutelage of renowned gurus by Guru Sri Mahankali Suryanarayana Sarma for 3 years where a strong foundation has been laid. Later, she has been moulded as a complete Kuchipudi artiste and has been transformed as a gem of Kuchipudi by her GuruDevaparijatham’,’Raja Hamsa, ’Natyavisarada’ Sri Kaza Venkata Subrahmanyam, who is a disciple of the world renowned legendary Gurus Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam and Sri Chintha Adinarayana Sarma, Achutamanasa epitomises the highest standards in Kuchipudi .With 20+ years of experience by now Achutamanasa rendered over 800 + solo KUCHIPUDI recitals at various prestigious platforms in and across the country and honoured with many awards from several organizations, winning accolades and appreciation of audience and critics equally.A Graded artist of Dhoordharshan now, The Cultural Ministry of the Government of India recognized the spark of excellence in the young ten year old then and supported her with scholarships to pursue her training for the next decade. Achutamanasa is a ‘Member of International Dance Council CID- UNESCO’ for the year 2011, was invited to give performance representing India’ for the 31st World Congress on Dance Research in Greece. She is adorned with the prestigious international award “UNESCO MILLENNIUM BEST CULTURAL AMBASSADOR” and several National –state awards like "PRATHIBHA PURASKAR” by Acharya Nagarjuna University, “UGADHI PURASKARAM”, “NATYAMAYURI”, “KALA SRAVANTHI”, "SAPTHAGIRI BALAPRAVEENA”, “NATYA KALAMAI”, “PRATHIBHA PALLAVAM”,

“NTR MEMORIAL ‘TELUGU MAHILA AWARD”, “GIFTED CHILD”, “QUALITY KID”, “Award and Cultural Talent Search Scholarship” etc., in which few awards are given for her multi talents-Dance forms,Music and painting.

Achutamanasa always says

“Kuchipudi is my passion-devotion,my breath and my life! It only ends up when my life ceases”.

She also emphatically declares

“I strongly believe and strictly follow a lifecycle indulged with the noble principles, like learn, share, discuss, explore ,experience and just enjoy each and every moment of life”.

She further says“While whatever activity I am in, I strongly believe in purity, transparency, clarity, focus, hard work, patience, time, dedication, self-discipline, love and her own self, which are essential traits for the true success of an individual”.



Ingenuously and eagerly she says --- 

“In one single life,would like to explore as much as I can,
          I have no hobbies, rather I consider them to be my passions”

She being versatile genious explored not only just Kuchipudi but also many other art forms of India.            

She is also a trained “Bharathanatyam dancer” (Pandhallur) -Disciple of Guru Dr. Sri .Devendra Pillai, Head of the Dance Department, S.V.Dance and Music College, Tirupathi.

Also a trained “Kathak dancer” (Lucknow Gharana) –Disciple of Guru Sri Pandit Anju Babu, Kathak exponent, Kathak Kalakshetra, Hyderabad.

She is also pursuing Temple dances- Devalaya Aaradhana Nrityas, in which the dancer forms the pictures of LION - a Vaahana of Goddess Kali, Peacock - a Vaahana of Kumaraswamy, LOTUS - a symbol of Goddess Laxmidevi, with footwork while dancing-called Simhanandini, Mayura Kauthvam and Mahalaxmi Udbhavam dances respectively, (which are also called Prenkhini Natyams ) under Guru Smt.Voleti Rangamani,daughter of Guru Sri C.R.Acharya(the originator of this art form who brought it from our ancient culture).

She is also trained in “Carnatic Vocal”, “Light Music” in the directions of Sri M.S. Bala Subramanyam then ,Now Pursuing under Sri N.C.H. Butchacharyulu.

She is a prodigious “Painter”, especially in Creative painting that throws light on social well being ,oil paintings and M.S. Paint (Which is done on a computer monitor with the help of only mouse –started as childhood zest) .She is now in to Portraits equally ,with Stumping-inspired from her mother who herself is a wonderful painter trained under world renowned Sri Puttachari .As a child prodigy, she learnt Janapada Arts (Rural Arts) in her schooling itself under Sri Dappu Ravi.

To her credits, She is not only honoured with awards or won several prizes for her multi talents as Kuchipudi, Bharatanatyam, Kathak Dancer, Singer,painter, but also had won several championships in sports and games like Tenni koit and shuttle badminton in her school days . She has expertise in choreography which she had started at the age of 12. She has choreographed several solo and Group songs from spiritual to secular like Annamaya keerthanas,Taranagams etc to Vande mataram, Jana gana mana, till date .Having been Grand daughter of Internationally acclaimed Govt Photographer of yesteryears, She has a penchant for photography equally .Hence, Achutamanasa is recognized as a brilliant performer, student and a multi-faceted talent house.

"Recognized and declared as "A" grade artiste-KUCHIPUDI of Broad Casting Media-Dhoordarsan Kendra(DD),India's national broadcaster."



Achutamanasa says
                     “My life on the whole is my Passion,

                                      India and her culture is my fashion”

          Achutamanasa, a Kuchipudi Danseuse is a dedicated student of this splendour art form. She has brought a totally novel look, lyrical beauty, rhythmic recharge to movements. The striking aspect of her dance is that she stirs up the hearts and souls of the audience through her abhinaya ( expressions and rhythmic movements) and make them respond to her. Her exuberance can be seen in her “Navarasa Expressions”: ‘Satvikabhinaya’ is one of the main hallmarks of Achutamanasa.

From 1996 onwards, she gave solo Kuchipudi recitals only on “Annamaya Keerthanas” for about 3 times for Srivari Brahmotsavams and 16 times for Padmavathi Karthika Brahmotsavams in consecutive 18 years till 2012 organized by T.T.D. Probably She is the only Kuchipudi dancer who rendered Solo Kuchipudi recitals exclusively on “annamaya keerthanas” for 16 consecutive years with sheer blessings of God.

Being a B.Tech graduate -a S/W Engineer by interest ,who got placed in MNC (who is one amongst few recruited from 2009 Batch-C.S.E) while in third year of graduation itself for her distinction score and technical abilities then , She resigned her job later at prestigious MNC to pursue all her passions. She Pursued Master of Performing arts-M.A in kuchipudi from Potti SreeramuluTelugu University and stood first in rank with distinction at Sri SidhendraYogi Kuchipudi kala Peetam,kuchipudi. She is an aspirant of services to do her best for India-Humanity on a whole.